Do you have the stealth and instincts to win the battle?

Let the battle commence!

Use your stealth and a quick trigger finger to battle your opponents on a thrilling paintballing experience day.

We guarantee you will be talking about this day for months to come. Test your skills in teamwork, problem-solving and endurance, in this popular high-adrenaline combat sport of paintball.

A paintballing day at our dedicated five-acre site close to Hereford makes the perfect activity day for a stag do, team building away day or just a fun-filled day out with mates.

How does it work?

Paintballing is a competitive simulated ‘battle’ team sport in which players wear camouflage outfits and use an air-powered paintball gun to shoot spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules at their ‘enemy’. It is a physical but fun activity. Suitable for beginners to experienced paintballers.

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  • FAQ

    How much does it cost?

    We offer full and half days:

    • Full day 10-4
    • Half day – 10-1 or 1-4
    • Also 4-7pm in the summer


    • £23 – 300 paintballs
    • £35 – 500 paintballs
    • £60 – 1000 paintballs

    We also offer upgrades - smoke grenades £4.50, paint grenades £4.50 and upgraded guns £10. Extra paintballs can be purchased at £8 per 100

  • FAQ

    Do I need experience?

    Stealth and cunning are as important as a quick trigger finger as you and your team-mates try to break down your opponent's defences to successfully complete your mission. Our missions are designed to cater to all levels of experience from beginners to seasoned players.

  • FAQ

    Do I need to be physically fit?

    Paintball is an inclusive sport suitable for all abilities. While a good level of fitness can be an advantage, tactics and strategy are what wins matches and a well placed sniper can make all the difference.

  • FAQ

    Is it war?

    Paintball is a well organised and exciting team activity enjoyed the world over. If you are expecting a crash course in subversive thuggery, you'll be disappointed. It is a game and nothing more.

  • FAQ

    Is it dangerous?

    If you are wearing sensible clothing (a jacket, thick jumper or overalls) then the answer is no! Safety is the key word. On arrival you will be issued with a safety mask, overalls to protect your clothes and other safety items. A comprehensive safety talk will be given at the start of the day before any player is allowed to get hold of their marker (OK then, gun!) or start playing.

  • Good to Know

    Additional information

    • We have parking with easy access to the activities
    • We offer seating should participants bring friends or family to watch
    • Hot and cold drinks are available as well as a selection of snacks
    • On site toilet facilities
    • Suitable for ages 12 and over
    • We cater for stags, hens, birthday parties, corporate and team building events

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