Paintball is currently one of the fastest growing sports in Europe. Every month thousands of new players try out the most exciting pastime available.


Provides a "rush" unlike other activities.

Stealth and cunning are as important as quick trigger finger as you and your team-mates try to break down your opponent's defences to successfully complete your mission.

We have everything you need for a fantastic day paintballing including; substantial off-road parking, enthusiastic and energetic marshals and a pub just down the road to regale one another with tales of bravery and compare war wounds at the end of a hard day in the woods.

Paintballing in Herford

Is it War?

The common presumption is that paintball caters for the Rambo's of Society and those with a paramilitary bent. In fact, paintball is a well organised and exciting sport. If you go to a site expecting a crash course in subversive thuggery, you'll be disappointed. It is a game and nothing more. 

Is it Dangerous? 

If you are wearing sensible clothing - a jacket, thick jumper or overalls then the answer is no! Safety is the key word. On arrival you will be issued with a safety mask, overalls to protect your clothes and other safety items. A comprehensive safety talk will be given at the start of the day before any player is allowed to get hold of their marker (OK then gun!) or start playing.


Are You Ready?

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